Our Frame

     The Snap Dragon Frame (TM) was invented in 2005 by Stephen R. Schmidt Jr.   This fine hand-crafted frame gives you the leverage you need to achieve a tight hooking surface using only finger or hand strength.  It will, with a "snap" of the paddles, stretch your rug backing tight and hold it that way until you release the tension and remove the fabric.  The patented self-locking cam-activated system is simple and quick to operate, offering an ideal solution for rugcrafters with little hand strength, allowing them to both pull the backing tight and create even loop heights to produce a more uniform product.  The 17.125" x 14.625" frame leaves an ample 13.5" x 11" working area and can be mounted on several different leg and base assemblies so you can choose your preferred mode of hooking.  The Snap Dragon Frame (TM) is comfortable to use, well balanced and only weighs 5 to 7 lbs, depending on the model.

     The Snap Dragon Frame (TM) is made primarily of  poplar wood with cherry accents.  The parts are hand sanded and finished in several coats of clear lacquer to bring out the natural beauty of the wood.  The legs are made of lightweight but strong aluminum strapping, adding a silvery touch.  Great care has been taken to round and smooth all the surfaces that come in contact with the body.  The gripper strips are recessed in their poplar rails to reduce exposure to the needles, without reducing their effectiveness at "gripping" the fabric.  Should you wish to change styles, every frame head is designed to fit every leg and base set so that they may easily be converted.  

     Snap Dragon Frames LLC strives to provide the highest quality goods and services based on our knowledge and experience from over 40 years of rug hooking.  We describe our products to the best of our ability and we want you to be happy with the products you buy from us.  If you are in any way dissatisfied with the products you receive, contact us immediately and we will work with you to make things right.

One Year Limited Non-Transferable Warranty

Three Year Limited Non-Transferable Warranty (for Deluxe Frames)

The Snap Dragon Frame tm is warranted for normal use for one year (three years for Deluxe Frames) from the date of purchase.  Because each frame has been hand finished, individually inspected, hand assembled and tested, you should receive a complete product in perfect working condition.  However, if there is a problem that results from the manufacturing of the frame, we will gladly replace or repair your frame at our discretion.  Should such a problem arise, do not disassemble the frame.  Please contact us so we can resolve the issue in the most expedient manner.

Most repairs can easily and quickly be handled by the consumer.  We try to avoid shipping the frame back and forth due to the high cost.  In these cases we will ship you the parts you need as quickly as possible along with the necessary instruction.  When more difficult repairs are necessary, we will replace the appropriate assembly and ask that you return the broken parts in the packaging provided.  Should this occur we will temporarily charge for the replacement assembly and refund the charge once we receive the original back.

The Snap Dragon Frame (TM) is NOT warranted against careless handling. dropping, crushing, throwing, puncturing, improper storage or other abuse.  The frame is not warranted for any use other than the stretching of rug backing for the craft of old fashioned rug hooking.  We cannot be held responsible for damage caused during shipping, thus all products over $50.00 will be shipped insured.  We reserve the right to determine the cause of damage upon return of the frame.  

Normal and reasonable wear is not covered by the warranty.  As your frame ages, it may need to be repaired or refurbished.  Please contact us for pricing and availability.

This warranty is non-transferable and has no cash value.

In order to activate your warranty, please return the product registration card included in your instruction packet within 30 days. The serial number for your frame is found on the card.  Please transfer the serial number from your card to your instruction manual before mailing us the card.  If you did not receive a product registration card, please contact the merchant from which you purchased your Snap Dragon Frame (TM) for a replacement.

This warranty is subject to revision and replaces all previous versions.  Check this website for the most current version of the warranty.


     Warning!:   The Snap Dragon Frame (TM) uses a cam-activated leverage system which amplifies the force you apply to stretch your rug backing.  Applying too much force can cause the backing to tear or shred, and/or the frame to crack.  If you cannot move the paddles easily with your hand, release the tension on the rug backing and re-position the pattern allowing more slack.  Some rug backings stretch more than others so varying amounts of slack will be required to achieve a good working tension.

     Warning!:  Gripper strips are made with sharp pointed wires!  Improper use may cause serious injury.   Extreme care must be taken in their use.  Gripper strips are not to be used in any machine under power.  Please move the gripper rails to the safety position when the frame is not in use.

     Warning!:  Keep this frame away from children! Do not leave the frame unattended around children.  Gripper strips can do serious damage if a child falls on or runs into the frame.

     Warning!:  The Snap Dragon Frame (TM) uses magnets to assist in its operation.  Do not use near pacemakers or other devices sensitive to magnetic fields.  If you have a pacemaker, please consult your physician before using the frame.

Disclaimer of Liability

     Snap Dragon Frames LLC and its representatives cannot and will not be held liable for any injuries or damages sustained by use or misuse of its products.  The purchaser assumes all liability at the time of purchase.  Use at your own risk!