SDF Angled Lap Leg & Base Set


All Snap Dragon Frames (TM) Leg and Base Sets fit all Snap Dragon Frames (TM) brand frame heads.  Every new frame is shipped complete with the leg and base set of your choice.  If you find that you would like to change the style of frame you use, it can be done with a replacement leg and base set.   

The Angled Leg and Base set comes with 2 angled aluminum legs, a medium base and hardware.    Please feel free to call us at 910-200-7288 if you have questions about which style would work best for you.  

All Snap Dragon Frames (TM) are built to order. There can be a considerable wait time so please contact us at 910-200-7288 to place your order and we will invoice you on completion of your frame.   Please review our Terms & Conditions before making your purchase.