SDF Cherry Lowboy Lap Frame

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The Snap Dragon Lowboy Lap Frame is the choice for folks who are 5'3" and under and like to turn their work as they hook.   It can be manually turned and angled on the lap.   It is well-balanced and will do a great job of stretching and holding your backing while you hook.  The ease in changing the position of your pattern on the frame makes all the Snap Dragon Frames amazingly able to accommodate even the largest of rugs.

Approximate overall measurements of the frame are:  Height - 6 1/4".   Frame Head - outside - approximately 17" x 14.5" with the inside working area about 13" x 10.5".  The base measures 15 1/8" x 11".   Weight:  Approximately  5.5 lbs.      

All Snap Dragon Frames are built to order.  Please review our Terms & Conditions before making your purchase.